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Thursday, August 30, 2012

night market on the coast

 The third night of our Vancouver trip we stayed in Richmond.
I saw a small sign about a night market. 

We kept Dylan up late and went.  It was an interesting mix of asian food, and strange things to buy.  It was neat though because of the diversity of people there, the sheer size, and the interest factor.
It's the second largest night market in North America.

Mat ate some gross stuff.
Dylan ate potatoes on a stick.
I turned my vegetarian nose up at all the odd delicacies.

What can I say, he's cute, he's wacky, he's silly, and these are some of the faces that we see often but that don't always get captured.


3 1/2 yrs

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We like to eat out, and were really excited when Cora's came to Kamloops.  We've been many times, and always leave upset about the children's meal.  The other weekend we decided to give Denny's a try- it'd been forever since we've been.

I think we have a new breakfast go-to spot !  

Thumbs down Cora
Thumbs up Denny's

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sleeping beauty

I've been a photography rut lately- since closing my business and being able to just photograph for me, I've sort of missed a step with my continued learning.  Or I've slacked and haven't found much inspiration.  Today, during a rare nap in my bed, I captured some images that I think are magically beautiful ones that in years to come I will look back at lovingly.