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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Citizenship Day

So as you may or may not know, up until today I was married to a non-Canadian.  A permanent resident in Canada, but still a British citizen.  Today, after a long lonnnnng drawn out process, Mat got his citizenship !  Yeah.  It actually wasn't something that made much of a difference to me, but to him it did.  He wanted his citizenship, and wanted to vote.  Which, as luck would have it will happen soon since our government is.....screwed up ! 

His citizenship ceremony was this morning.  47 other new Canadians from around the area got it today too.  Side note- the super friendly lady who works at Safeway got it, and she was so excited she didn't stop smiling.  Next time I'm in Safeway, I'm going to congratulate her.

So here are some shots of the ceremony.

view of the school gym.  the "lady" in the far chair on the right is very rude.  long story short- rude

after his oath

official documents ( dyl was very tired at this point)
official presentation

photo op- Dyl was tired, and a bit leery of the RCMP officer although he was super nice

 And after such a good day... there MUST be cake... and friends !

it says "congrats eh"

AND we had such a wonderful surprise this afternoon- our wonderful friend Tanya and her crew had decorated the front of the house in red and white fashion !  Streamers, balloons- lots of flags-- so cool !!!!  It got dark before we were able to get outside for a shot, so look for one this weekend.  Thanks Tanya, that was such a thoughtful, wonderful surprise !  xoxox

(special note- MY camera is in the shop, so I'm using the old dslr which I now hate and it doesn't take the quality of pics I'm used to, so pls excuse my photos !)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the next Kipper !

He picked his position, and the big boys were so patient and gentle with him.  Finally one asked if I could move Dylan out of the net so they could play a real game.  Dyl was offended, but left.  Guess he's going to be a goalie?

hats hats hats....

So last weekend we had our monthly Ladies get together and the theme was diva hats.  There have been some hats that I've been thinking about making and adding to my {Ava Marie Creates} collection, so I made one for myself for the party.

Then I heard that someone didn't have a hat... so I made another

Then someone else didn't have a hat... so, yes, I made another
and eventually I made a forth.

They were well received at the party, and will be showing up soon for sale in my online store.  I think they are totally cute.  Never mind my odd self portraits to show them off....

(wow, really should have had makeup on in the last pic)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Irony- I just bought photo space for this blog- and one day later sent my camera away to be fixed.  Guess I won't be using my new photo space for a while.

(apparently I've already used all of the free space they give me so I had to buy more) 

Enjoy the snazzy colours of this blog post- since there are no photos to enjoy.... haha

more daddy Barney photos

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everything these days is Mommy this or Daddy that.  For example, Dylan and I were in Walmart the other day and passed a 15 yr old tattooed scary looking "boy"  He was about 6 feet, and had a little boy with him.  Dylan pointed to the 15 yr old and said " Daddy".  Any adult is a Daddy or a Mommy.  When you read books, the firemen, are Daddies.  If there are women firefighters, they are "Mommies"

So it only makes sense that the new edition to our house is a "Daddy" because of his size, and the fact that we have a smaller version too.

Meet "Daddy" Barney.  He's bigger than Dyl, sleeps in his bed, gets dragged around the house, and even goes in the car.  But I draw the line at taking "Daddy" Barney in stores.  People would laugh. 

Laugh. At. Me.

Today I came into the living room, and Dylan was there eating something.  I asked him what he was eating.  First he said "nothing" but then he fessed up..... and said he was eating a "birdie" 

I thought to myself... a birdie??

Then I found the others... he had opened the package himself.

Peeps- he was eating peeps that I had bought for a craft. haha

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's been a while since I've posted-- it's been busy- headband orders coming in, participating in lots of give-aways and contests, and had a photography session with a little girl turning 1- another cake smash.  Here are a couple pics from the session....

Friday, March 18, 2011

I like to have things out around the house- plants, photos, a few nic nacks, but since Dylan has been mobile, it's all gone away.  Some people say leave it out and just teach them to not touch it- which is easier said than done.  In fact I disagree with it because when you do that you are constantly saying NO no NO no NO NO NO NO to your child, which increases their frustration when they have no words and makes them upset.  So I had decided i'd put my stuff away so my child didn't hear no as every second word of his life, and to decrease his frustration level over things he had no control over.

But I miss my stuff. 

I've since tried to bring things back- with little success.  I had Mat install a shelf up high in the living room where I can put some stuff.  I worked for weeks on a family picture wall with over 40 photos framed, and hey kept taking the pics off the hooks and throwing them... so the whole family wall came down.  :( 

I've always wanted a hutch for the kitchen.  I got a great deal on one, and of course- you know me, I intend on remodeling it.  But there are a million projects in line first, and it still looks good, so it's up, and I'm loving it.  (and thinking about putting doors on the bottom cabinet part??)

I was looking at it today and wondered why I like it so much.  I think it's because it's somewhere nice to show my stuff that Dylan isn't interested in.  And I love cooking, and funky kitchen stuff so it's awesome ! 

I now have two barn yard cookie jars, the first was the cow from my mom.  I guess now I'm officially collecting barn yard animal cookie jars that are funky.  (hint hint come Christmas time)
yes, he has some war wounds.... can you guess why?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guest Blogger - Matty P

This blog is brought to you by Dylan's daddy, Matty P.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Tracy goes to aquafit with the cul-de-sac clan.  This week spring has finally arrived (yes I know everyone in Alberta is jealous) so the Dyl and I have been taking benefit of the park just around the corner from our house.  What is the funniest thing imaginable to a two year old at the park?.............

Enjoy for the first time on this blog, VIDEO!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 100th post- this post is brought to you by my favorite things !

Tied for #1...... My little Dyl and Mat....
We put him to bed tonight and read his favorite collection of stories.  He's become so interested in books- which is great since he has been such a physical active child.  He sleeps with a variety of stuffies, Thomas trains, and occasionally an over sized fire truck. (you've seen the pics in earlier blogs)

He says ni ni and love you when we leave, although the love you is more like ouahfiou.  Whatever !!  It counts !!

..... And he still calls me Mah-ee.... not Mommy... which is also a favorite thing.  I hope I'm Mah-ee forever.

Favorite thing- my {Ava Marie Creates} designs are on my FAV blog -to me, that's pretty cool !  She's fab- stop by and say HI ! 
(shout out to people from LMM-thanks for stopping by to peek into my life)
Favorite things #...... oops lost count... anyway.... photography.  I've got new pics up on my facebook page and at  I did a Colour Couture Cake Smash with a little sweetie today.    Cake Smash is a frequently done photo shoot at 1 yr... but my Colour Couture is all my idea.  Let's see if it bombs or takes off...

Either next favorite thing is snuggly babies, and this little cutie is one !

Costco- enough said- who DOESN'T love Costco??
(even Elmo loves Costco)

My next favorite thing is sleep- which I've had very little of because I've been sick- about 90 min Saturday night, and Sunday... well... I was in bed at 8:30, and it's now almost midnight...soo.....

And my favorite word of the day... Humility.  When you are wrong, say you are.  Take the advice and help of others who are true and genuine.

And finally... FUN!  Dylan and I are off to a play centre tomorrow morning....Yeah !!
If you're a crazy insomniac like me, you spend many nights awake when you know you should be sleeping- knowing you will pay for it in the morning when..........

This bright eyed bushy tailed little muffin wakes up at 6 am.  So here I am, Saturday night- W  I  D  E  awake.  Past 3 am.

I lay in bed thinking a million things... from the mundane (Mat makes some funny noises when he sleeps) to the petty (I wonder how long it will take for my bangs to grow out?) to the plain weird (too embarrassed to give this example)
I lay there planning out photo shoots that haven't been booked.  Thinking of places around town that I can shoot.  Thinking of great photo ops for July when the gardens are in full bloom.  Writing in my head my next two blogs.  Planning how I could re-arrange my living room.... on and on...

I decide to get up and stalk facebook.  Now I know that everyone does it- I won't name names but someone I know Kendra  is really bad for it.  Shout out to Kendra.  :)  Glad you are back from Mexico.  :)

So anyway, I decide to stalk people I used to go to school with.  So one name leads to another to another to another... you know how it goes.  Finally I get to a guy who wasn't in my year, someone I know "of" rather then "know". 

Take a big little peek around his page- he's a freakin surgeon... a large important organ surgeon.  WHAT?!?!  That goofball?  Next thought- how is someone MY age a surgeon.... then it dawns on me... oh wait... I'm 27 thirty-seven so it's possible.  Other realities of thirty seven hit me...

1) how come I still have zits ?  aren't they for teens?
2) should I really be watching and loving Jersey Shore at this age?
3) should I still be pulling pranks?
4) should I still laugh like crazy whenever someone falls?

Am I thirty seven or seventeen?  Blast from the past- feel free to laugh...
blast from the past, my 17 yr old self

And probably the question you   are asking yourself now... should I really blog in the middle of the night, with no sleep, on a time change weekend when I have a big day tomorrow? 
errr later today?

So I'm off to turn off the computer, and try to turn off my brain to sleep.

(ONE more post and I hit 100 !)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Little Miss Momma followers !

Yes, you landed in the right place.... this is my personal blog with stories of my life, centered around my son !

You'll also find crafting, cooking and just general fun stuff here, so feel free to take a peek at my personal life, and thanks for supporting {Ava Marie Creates} and LMM.

My other baby is my photography business- and also on facebook- feel free to stop by and take a look at my images.

I'm having an O.M.G. day today- I'm on LMM !!!  haha.... pretty cool in my books !

Thanks for stopping by !

Friday Tidbits...


Daddy's back from being away a few days... Dyl was excited so I let him run out the front door down the driveway in his sock, shirt and diaper.  Hunter, our young neighbour saw him in the diaper and laughed... it was funny.

Dyl was up sick Tuesday night throwing up.. he woke up puking and puked all over his bed, all over me, my bed, everywhere.  He was so upset about puking, and just limp like a rag doll.  He laid in our bed beside me and would sleep for short periods of time, and then I'd hear a horrible noise in his tummy and his throat, and the puking would start again.  Must have been some yucky food.  And NO, I didn't cook it.

Every time we drive into the Walmart parking lot, Dylan says "No Walmart" over and over again... do you think we go there too much?

He's also now kissing owies.  He's not much on kissing for affection, so Mat and I have had lots of owie lips lately.  Today Mat said Dyl is going to catch on.  I agree... but until then, our lips and cheeks are really owie...haha

When we practice jumping into the pool I make him have eye contact with me and I say one, two, three jump.  He now stands on things, and says to me... "mah-ee, one, two two jump"  He's catching onto things so fast... so smart.  So cute.

Thursday morning he said to Mat... "No daddy work today"

He's a quirky little character, with a big personality....

Not sure what was going on here, besides the fact that I'm trying to get ready, he's put on a headband , is reclining in the sink, and wants was funny.....

(that was the day Mat's tooth brush ended up in the toilet- sorry bout that Mat.....we did tell you didn't we?? )

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ya know, it's just not fair... why is all the Dora stuff geared towards girls, and the Diego stuff for boys?  Dyl loves Dora, and could care less about Diego.  There have been so many times that he's seen a cute (girl) shirt with Dora and asked for it....<sigh>  We are a gender neutral family, and don't believe in sticking to stereotypes, but I can't buy him a pink girl's Dora shirt.  Just can't.

When we went underwear shopping, he wanted the Dora undies... but I think girl's panties for potty training is just wrong, and probably wouldn't fit right.

So a while back, Dylan spotted a Dora that he could have... and was smitten.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

These pictures got trapped on a disk and I forgot all about them until today.  I'd planned this blog post a while ago, and just never got around to it.  So anyway, it's hard to get little little skates, so when I came across a pair of small ones, I snapped them up.  They are still too big for our little big man, but he sure enjoyed trying them on.  They probably won't fit until next winter, so we've got a while until we get both boys on skates....

By then Mat will have his citizenship, so I think he'll know how to skate by then.  Hmmm... just wondering... would they still let him become a citizen if they knew he couldn't skate?  Perhaps I'll have to make a call......

And speaking of citizenship, Matthew will get his March 31st. 
Does it matter to me? 
 Not really....
does it matter to him? 
Absolutely !

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artsy photos

I have been DYING to go out to Tranquille Sanitorium (Padova) for a loooong time now.  In the last two weeks I have driven out there 3 times.  I would never go on the grounds alone, but I just went to look from a far and wonder if I would ever take the leap into going somewhere that is supposedly off limits.

So if you are not from Kamloops, you probably have no idea what I am talking about... let me steal a bit of info from the internet on it to help explain....

According to this article about Tranquille’s history, gold was discovered at the site where the buildings now sit around 1857 and the city came to life. Then in 1905 when the British Columbia anti-tuberculosis society began looking for a site to build a provincial hospital, Tranquille turned out to be an ideal location with its dry and mountainous climate.

The plot of land was bought from its original owners, the Fortune family, in 1907 for $57,000. It was used as a tuberculosis sanatorium for 51 years. The sanatorium was nearly self-sufficient, with its own dairy, gardens, water supply, even a newspaper. It only used Kamloops electricity. Underground tunnels connect many of the buildings with pipes in them to distribute the steam for heating.

In 1958 when treatments for TB had changed, the facility was closed as a sanatorium. In 1959 it was converted into a home for mentally handicapped people. At one point it employed up to 600 staff. That part of its history ended in 1985 when the B.C. Government’s policy became to disperse former patients throughout the community into group homes (and onto the streets!).

There are lots of stories of it being haunted- it for sure is a creepy place, but fascinating !
Here are some pics from our trip out there on Saturday- with Dyl OF COURSE safely confined and kept outside of buildings!