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Monday, November 28, 2011

This weekend we were all feeling a bit iffy.  But between sickness, we did find a few minutes to get some hockey in......

YUP, we do backhands at 2 yrs old....

FINALLY.... I don't have to beg, plead, and bribe for photos.

Don't you just heart him??

Thursday, November 10, 2011

After a trip out shopping, Dylan gets in the house and starts saying "where my Rockin'Coon?"


He repeats again, same pronunciation.....


finally something twigs with me...

that I bought from Micheal's 20 minutes earlier.
Because it was on sale in November for next to nothing
A doggy the size of Dylan
dressed up for halloween
wearing a mask

"he's in the garage Dylan, I'll go get him" I say.

Dyl's response?

" I luff him"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monkey business

My boy is almost 3.....

Three Halloweens.....

Three identical monkey suits.  Why?  Dunno, the second year I got kinda sentimental and bought the same one, wanting to see how my boy had changed.  The third year, he still fit into last years, and I guess I just wanted to do it again.  I love the growth, the changes, the development, but please; TIME, slow down.... let me hang on to my baby just a bit longer....
10 months

1 year 10 months

2 years 10 months.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Fall in the Loops !

It's still fall here, so many leaves, decent weather, and although I'm thinking about Christmas, I just couldn't resist a few Christmas type photos in the yellow leaves !

 Dylan and his dog... I mean our tenant's dog....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween !

Totally unedited, throw them up there so the grandparents can see- Halloween pics !

Daddy thought I was crazy when I said Dylan was going to carve a pumpkin with a drill......
 But it was a good opportunity for him to participate in an activity he normally wouldn't be able to....
 And it was something we'd never done....  
 And he loved it....

 Turned out pretty good
 Halloweening at the mall... 

 Into the warmer Lion suit for outdoor trick or treating....
With his best girl...

 And one of his best buddies....
 Even the scary houses weren't that scary....
 And the two buddies waiting for the fireworks to start.
What a great night we had !!!

Vintage find

So I know I've said before on this blog that since starting my photography business that I now love antique things.  Well, today I got an antique sewing desk !  It's the coolest thing.  It's my latest re-finishing project. 

 Now, before you say anything, 
YES, there is a long line of other projects awaiting my attention.  
But seriously, for the price of this beauty I couldn't pass it up. 
 And YES, my husband isn't so fond of all the "finds" I bring into the house and promise to refinish.  
But he always likes them once they are done.  He does appreciate that I'm interested in getting some unique character pieces in our home.  So, here it is.... 1936 Singer Sewing Cabinet that I paid $50 for....

Pretty Cool?????

I've asked a like minded soul who does all kinds of neat things on her blog if she can make some suggestions.  I'm dying to see if she has any ideas !!