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Monday, February 28, 2011

recent obsessions of a 2 yr old

~Swimming- wants to go every day (no pics)
~Crying and pounding on his bedroom door when it's time to go to bed (no pics)
~Waking up in the middle of the night- ie sunday night,up from 11-2 am bouncing on my bed (for sure no pics)
~Painting.... lots of pics....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's shameless self promotion--but check out the fully edited pics of my last newborn session.  This little sweetie was only 4 days old !  He was a dream to work with !  I'd like to keep him, he's just the sweetest, but I don't think they'd let me....

I spent about 2 hours photographing them- and about 6 hours editing 39 photos.  On my fb page I've shown a few.!/album.php?aid=33378&id=161279600575414

More about Dylan tomorrow !

Friday, February 25, 2011

If you read a lot of blogs like I do, you notice that some mommy bloggers are really guilty of always showing only the best side of their child.  I could rant about people I know that do that but I won't...

So anyway...the reason for this post, and this blog in general- Dylan.  I could be like one of those bloggers and list his good points.  There really are lots.  And we love our baby boo like crazy.  BUT....yes, there is a but.  Let me preface it by saying that I've done lots of research on this... and everything says it's normal, developmentally appropriate, and expected, but none the less frustrating. 

Dylan is a happy, friendly boy but he has a serious issues with pulling other's hair, hitting others with toys and being too rough.   Most of the time the hair pulling or hitting comes out of no where... nothing provokes it, it's not that someone took a toy or something, he just does it.  For no real reason (cept to get attention I guess)

It's very frustrating for me as his mother because he is getting a reputation that is somewhat undeserved.  He deserves the reputation because of his behaviour, but I'm afraid people don't see his good points,and that it is developmentally driven, and that it's going to be a reputation that follows him, and sticks.  Friends know that I take it seriously, and am trying to get him to stop.  BUT, he's the only one of his "friends" who is really doing it. 

He's really close to in danger of being shunned because of it.  We are being left out of things because of it.  People don't want to put up with their child being hurt- I get that- I understand it.  I'd feel the same way.  But he's just 2, and there is no reasoning with him.  He's not being invited to things... eventually if it keeps going this way, it'll happen with more regularity, I won't be invited to hang out with the moms I like, and he won't have playmates.  He's a very active boy, he goes at 90 miles an hour... and some people look at him and make comments that are thinly vieled, like... ADHD boy. 

I can re frame it all I want and call him, independent, and strong willed and active with a zest for life all I want, but if people keep looking at him and thinking, aggressive, mean, willful, unruly, etc --only the negative spin on it... he will get this reputation, and we will have consequences to him and Iwe ARE moving in that direction- quickly.... so ?  Dunno.  We. are. stuck.

a boy and his beloved cat
Dylan's "sister" is staying with us- just for fun and spending the night, and her PD day with us on Friday.  Dylan is beyond thrilled.  He just loves her to death.  He'd been waiting all day Thursday for her to come... saying her name over and over, asking me about her, and finally, she came.  He just adores her.  I enjoy having her over too.... it's fun to do girl things, and do things with an older child.  Like I said when she stayed with us when her family was away, we just might not give her back...  :)  Here's what they were up to Thursday...

make your own pizza night... Rowan starts... and Dylan brings glue sticks to the table....

painting....and Rowan working on a card for her brother's 2nd birthday (such  a sweet girl)

check us out !!

I asked her to make a funny face for her grandma in hopes that she'll see this and laugh...

reading before bed....

Tomorrow- headbands and baking.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cherry Bliss Photography update

I had a wonderful 4 day old little guy in studio today with his family.  I've been on the computer all night Monday editing and playing with their photos. 
Thought I'd share one of the images that I love !

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heritage Classic - forever Flames !

Taken from Getty Images
Add one Canadian, a soon to be Canadian, and the child of these two together and what do you get?  A hockey loving family !!  We watched the Flames play the Montreal Canadians today in the Heritage Classic game played outdoors at McMahon Stadium (normally used for football). If you know anything about Calgary, you know it gets freaking cold- and you also know that doesn't stop more than 40,000 fans from braving the -20 cold (not including wind chill) 
taken from the Winnipeg Free Press

 If we were in Calgary- we would have been there ! 

stolen from... I can't remember where... somewhere online
There was a chance the game wasn't going to be a go, but millions of prayers to the hockey gods paid off.  So screw off winter- we are playing hockey outside no matter what !  We Canadians are a hearty bunch !

So instead we stayed inside where it was warm and watched with our favorite Calgary Flames Fan.

and yes... the Flames BEAT the Montreal Canadians by a score of  4-0 !!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sleep is for the week?

I've had such trouble sleeping lately.  The other night I moved the living room around from 1 am-2:30 am.  It's Friday night-- well Saturday morning and i'm still up.  Thinking thinking thinking.  How do I get back to a normal sleep pattern?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheeky !

I had an idea earlier today about what I was going to post about... but after talking to my mom tonight, I've changed my mind.  I was telling her several stories about Dylan... and every story ended with me saying "he's so cheeky !"  as in he's pushing all of my buttons lately. Then I remembered the photos from earlier today....

TRUE STORY-- That's what he did when I told him it was time to come out of the shower !  Seriously cheeky child right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I had my first photo shoot with a newborn for my photography business ( or on fb) this past weekend.  The parents were great, the baby was so sweet, BUT due to complictions this little man didn't get to me until he was 15 days old, which made it impossible to get those beautiful sleepy artistic pics.  The rule is the first ten days of birth.  But I did get a couple of good ones.  If I had to give this first one a title, i'd call it "safe in daddy's arms"

Ohhh snap- we are about to start potty training ! 

On Sunday Dylan was pulling at his diaper... so I took it off and asked if he wanted to wear his newly purchased "big boy" underwear- he said YES!

So I put them on and gave him the pep talk about telling mommy if he has to pee or poop... and emphasized that he should tell me b.e.f.o.r.e. he needs to go.  He nodded....and off he went to show Daddy.  Well... Daddy was horrified, and in fact didn't believe me when I told him there wasn't a diaper under the undies...haha.  I kept telling him... he kept saying noooo.  But hey, it's my method of potty training- no pull up diapers, just the underwear. 

Dyl had the underwear on for about 3 minutes and complained they were not comfortable.  I asked if he wanted to put his diaper back on- YES he shouted....

Soooo....I guess in my excitement to put on the under-roos, I forgot they should be washed to soften them up first.  Oops... hope I didn't scar him for life with itchy cardboardy underwear.

I should also say, that he picked out the undies himself, but was very sad he couldn't have Dora ones- they only make them for girls.... sad.  We've had this issue a few times with him wanting Dora clothes... from the girl's section.  Poor boo.  I do agree with him- Dora is much better than Diego.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I often steal   use other blogs as inspiration for projects.  I've been doing lots to the house lately.... and thought about doing a no- sew curtain, cuz let's face it- I'm a no sew kinda girl.  I should have taken pics of the steps... but here is the end project.  Cost me $9.00 for the whole project, and probably took me 30ish minutes.  I'm loving it.  And wondering if I should do my other windows.....

(pls excuse the mess on the counters... a girl can't worry about things like that when she's crafting )

Little muffin ALWAYS wants to go out... every day he says to me "bye, bye, bye" which means let's go somewhere- I'm bored in the house.  Sometimes we go out shopping just to get out.  The other day we got a huge dump of snow, and then the weather turned beautiful- +7 I think, so we went outside.

Hurry Mom... enough pictures...let's goooo !!!

Since these pics,most of the snow has melted... and our weather has been pretty good.  Ranging from 0 to +8, which from the perspective of a Calgarian is awesome "winter" weather !!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've been on a cleanse lately, and part of it includes shakes. Little Mr. Dylan has come to LOVE shakes.  Not just enjoy them, but obsessively want them.  Every time I make mine, I have to make him a special one too... and he won't waste a drop !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Ava Marie Creates}

Hello hello.....

Today's blog is about my other babies.... not Dylan, not the kitties, but my new businesses.

So first, photography.  Kinda at a stalemate, it's not photography weather outside, but that's ok.  It's giving me time to work on my other venture....

{Ava Marie Creates} my head bands, or as I like to refer to them, hair jewelry business.  It's taking off !  I'm selling some, and creating new styles all the time.  It's so much fun.  The other day I had Dylan's "sister" over to model some stuff.  She's so cute, so photogenic, and I'm so thankful to her and her mom for their support.  We are lucky to have great neighbours.    So here are a few of my photos...

I LOVE this expression !

And of course Dylan, who can't leave his "sister" alone for a moment..... how dare she come and not devote 100% attention to him !!!  haha

Weekend Breakfast with daddy.  Cereal and a trucking magazine...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday- new post- wooo hooo

Despite the fact that we had a bad sleep weekend, I'm starting off the week sending good sleep vibes with this post.  Dylan has a few obsessions lately.... fire trucks and books.  He asks to read book after book after book.... all day long !  It's awesome !  But combine books and firetrucks, and quite a few nights last week he went to bed, with books and trucks in his bed......but hey, he's happy.  Doesn't just looking at this little face make you happy !?!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

always on the move

Introducing, the "suckie" juggler......

 The monkey bum headstand artist.....

The Crazy Bed Flipper....

And.... I jump on the bed even though I'm not allowed boy....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't you just LOVE little hands?


Dylan was VERY upset this afternoon as he looked outside... I went to see what was the problem....