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Friday, February 25, 2011

If you read a lot of blogs like I do, you notice that some mommy bloggers are really guilty of always showing only the best side of their child.  I could rant about people I know that do that but I won't...

So anyway...the reason for this post, and this blog in general- Dylan.  I could be like one of those bloggers and list his good points.  There really are lots.  And we love our baby boo like crazy.  BUT....yes, there is a but.  Let me preface it by saying that I've done lots of research on this... and everything says it's normal, developmentally appropriate, and expected, but none the less frustrating. 

Dylan is a happy, friendly boy but he has a serious issues with pulling other's hair, hitting others with toys and being too rough.   Most of the time the hair pulling or hitting comes out of no where... nothing provokes it, it's not that someone took a toy or something, he just does it.  For no real reason (cept to get attention I guess)

It's very frustrating for me as his mother because he is getting a reputation that is somewhat undeserved.  He deserves the reputation because of his behaviour, but I'm afraid people don't see his good points,and that it is developmentally driven, and that it's going to be a reputation that follows him, and sticks.  Friends know that I take it seriously, and am trying to get him to stop.  BUT, he's the only one of his "friends" who is really doing it. 

He's really close to in danger of being shunned because of it.  We are being left out of things because of it.  People don't want to put up with their child being hurt- I get that- I understand it.  I'd feel the same way.  But he's just 2, and there is no reasoning with him.  He's not being invited to things... eventually if it keeps going this way, it'll happen with more regularity, I won't be invited to hang out with the moms I like, and he won't have playmates.  He's a very active boy, he goes at 90 miles an hour... and some people look at him and make comments that are thinly vieled, like... ADHD boy. 

I can re frame it all I want and call him, independent, and strong willed and active with a zest for life all I want, but if people keep looking at him and thinking, aggressive, mean, willful, unruly, etc --only the negative spin on it... he will get this reputation, and we will have consequences to him and Iwe ARE moving in that direction- quickly.... so ?  Dunno.  We. are. stuck.

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