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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ohhh snap- we are about to start potty training ! 

On Sunday Dylan was pulling at his diaper... so I took it off and asked if he wanted to wear his newly purchased "big boy" underwear- he said YES!

So I put them on and gave him the pep talk about telling mommy if he has to pee or poop... and emphasized that he should tell me b.e.f.o.r.e. he needs to go.  He nodded....and off he went to show Daddy.  Well... Daddy was horrified, and in fact didn't believe me when I told him there wasn't a diaper under the undies...haha.  I kept telling him... he kept saying noooo.  But hey, it's my method of potty training- no pull up diapers, just the underwear. 

Dyl had the underwear on for about 3 minutes and complained they were not comfortable.  I asked if he wanted to put his diaper back on- YES he shouted....

Soooo....I guess in my excitement to put on the under-roos, I forgot they should be washed to soften them up first.  Oops... hope I didn't scar him for life with itchy cardboardy underwear.

I should also say, that he picked out the undies himself, but was very sad he couldn't have Dora ones- they only make them for girls.... sad.  We've had this issue a few times with him wanting Dora clothes... from the girl's section.  Poor boo.  I do agree with him- Dora is much better than Diego.

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