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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heritage Classic - forever Flames !

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Add one Canadian, a soon to be Canadian, and the child of these two together and what do you get?  A hockey loving family !!  We watched the Flames play the Montreal Canadians today in the Heritage Classic game played outdoors at McMahon Stadium (normally used for football). If you know anything about Calgary, you know it gets freaking cold- and you also know that doesn't stop more than 40,000 fans from braving the -20 cold (not including wind chill) 
taken from the Winnipeg Free Press

 If we were in Calgary- we would have been there ! 

stolen from... I can't remember where... somewhere online
There was a chance the game wasn't going to be a go, but millions of prayers to the hockey gods paid off.  So screw off winter- we are playing hockey outside no matter what !  We Canadians are a hearty bunch !

So instead we stayed inside where it was warm and watched with our favorite Calgary Flames Fan.

and yes... the Flames BEAT the Montreal Canadians by a score of  4-0 !!!!!

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