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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do 11pm, 1 am, 1:50 am and 3:10 all have in common???

UH-HUH.  Little muffin and I were up at all these times- and at 3:10 for good.
Yippee !!!

He's been a bit "off" the last few days, and now it's official- he's sick.  He's got a minor cold.
Just before his nap today he asked me to "ow ose"
(blow nose)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The weird and the wonderful in our lives......

Dyl loves Sushi
(oh ya, it's gonna get weirder, hang on)

Copies how I lay in the bath- with a face cloth over me.....

 Sticker Mania... it started by me putting ONE sticker on his cheek.....he got carried away....

 Funny faces

 He set himself up here one afternoon when I was sick on the couch.....

Guess what we watched?

Yup, Golden Girls.  

It's good for the soul.

 Thanks for packing things up Mat.... but I'm a bit skeptical here... bad pic, but it says "pork" and then he crossed it out and wrote veggie (as in veggie dogs)  He knows I'm a vegetarian, but has often told me to "put a little pork on my fork" ( Alberta Pork Slogan)  Hmmmm.

 Does foolishness run in the family ???

Ummm YA !!!!!!  
I rest my case with this photo of Mat

AND finally.........
I appear in a photo-

Mat takes the most



of me possible. 

 Thanks Mat.  I'll remember that....

 YES, I'm wearing white socks with faded black pants and a darker black sweater ! 

Ok- head count.  Who reads this blog?

I always enjoy blogging... but sometimes I think ....

should I bother?
who actually reads it?
what's the point? (except to keep grandparents updated)

So please, if you read me, can you just leave me a comment saying you do?  Go down to comments, you can be anonymous, don't have to say who you are, just say " I do"

Thx !
Grandparent time is about to hit OVER DRIVEAfter months of not seeing either set of grandparents, Dyl will be seeing Grandma and Grandpa next week, and Grannie and Grandad the first week of May.  There will even be an overlap where he will have ALL 4 grandparents at once !  Wooh.  How will he cope with this amazing treat?

I've been saying that they will all see a major change in him since the last visits.

There is no doubt he's a little boy.

He says funny things.
He has a sense of humour
He is learning to count
"won, too, fife,siss"
not sure where three and four went.

He takes showers himself.

He asks for the window to be rolled down in the car

He picks what he wants to eat.

He has a stubborn streak

He adores certain things- not just likes, but adores.

He HAS to sleep with a minimum of six hundred teddies.
We've always called three teddies "sleeping babies" - he now uses the term.

(and Daddy Barney isn't even pictured here, so add a 3 foot barney to this)

The other night we tucked him in with lots of teddies... and as I was leaving his room, he said  "too sleep babies" I just said yes and left.  Then as the door closed, he cried.  I went in and asked what's wrong, he said again " too sleep babies- mommy room"
Then I remembered- the two blue sleeping babies were on my bed.  He was specifically asking for them. 

He won't sleep without "daddy barney" who is three feet tall.

He says ni ni when you leave him in his bed.

He says "ove ew" back when you say love you.

He has started to smell everything.
We were in superstore today getting groceries and I asked him if he smelt anything....he made a face where he crinkled his nose and wrinkled his lip. 
 I laughed and asked him again to show me the smell face. 
So next time you see him, ask for the smell face- it's cute.

He cries when his friends leave our house or we leave their house. 
Once after a playdate he cried in the car...
"more Jayce house..."

He wanted a treat in superstore today... and I pretend chastised him... I said... " Dylan Matthew Brandt !!"
He said
"no Matthew Brandt"

If you ask him his name, he will say
"Din Cook"

He picks himself out in pictures- even baby ones.

and he picks his nose... constantly....

He pretend burps and then says "din burp" and laughs

He's become a bit of a cuddler.
F  I   N  A  L  L  Y  !!!!!

He is very sensitive to hurt right now.....
He cries if he gets hurt and you have to kiss whatever it is better.

He reads along with certain story books.... you stop, and he fills in words.

He would read 24/7 if he could.

He knows when to turn on the charm... just wait and see....

He's just the cutest little thing ever.

Should I go on?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What stopped me from blogging this week?  Dunno... probably just life.  Here are farm pics that I promised- only 4 days late. 

Oh wait, the story behind it... OK, so last weekend we heard from our neighbour that a farm out in Heffley Creek was having an open house.  Well an open barn actually.  Sheep.  Now who loves sheep?  Yup, Dylan adores sheep.  In fact he doesn't even refer to them as sheep- they are called Shauns. 

Why Shauns?  If you don't know, google Shaun the Sheep- and prepare to fall in love like Dylan did, like I did, like Dyl's daddy did... and on and on.

So we trekked out there, Dylan with one of his Shauns to go take a look....

Dylan so enjoyed going.  He made friends with the sheep, and even got so excited about the real sheep, that I found THIS on the floor of the barn......

Tsk tsk....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

 it's not ours,
 you can't have one of your own,
 it's fun,
you may not
behind the garbage cans
Carrie and Donna's house
with your

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Watch this one twice.
We are singing head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Dylan loves it, but is just a half step behind.
We are constantly amazed at his ability to learn, understand and incorporate new things into his everyday.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

For the second weekend in a row we made the 90 minute trek to Kelowna so Dylan could play at the Energyplex.  Unfortunately Kamloops has nothing like this :(
Dylan loves the climbing, running, jumping, bouncing and sliding.  The only thing Dylan doesn't like..............


Here we managed to capture a bit of a blur of him going by!

I don't think we'll be going back next weekend because our knees hurt from all of the climbing and crawling. All the climbing, maneuvering and crawling through the four levels of tubing is a good workout!