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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The weird and the wonderful in our lives......

Dyl loves Sushi
(oh ya, it's gonna get weirder, hang on)

Copies how I lay in the bath- with a face cloth over me.....

 Sticker Mania... it started by me putting ONE sticker on his cheek.....he got carried away....

 Funny faces

 He set himself up here one afternoon when I was sick on the couch.....

Guess what we watched?

Yup, Golden Girls.  

It's good for the soul.

 Thanks for packing things up Mat.... but I'm a bit skeptical here... bad pic, but it says "pork" and then he crossed it out and wrote veggie (as in veggie dogs)  He knows I'm a vegetarian, but has often told me to "put a little pork on my fork" ( Alberta Pork Slogan)  Hmmmm.

 Does foolishness run in the family ???

Ummm YA !!!!!!  
I rest my case with this photo of Mat

AND finally.........
I appear in a photo-

Mat takes the most



of me possible. 

 Thanks Mat.  I'll remember that....

 YES, I'm wearing white socks with faded black pants and a darker black sweater ! 


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