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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What stopped me from blogging this week?  Dunno... probably just life.  Here are farm pics that I promised- only 4 days late. 

Oh wait, the story behind it... OK, so last weekend we heard from our neighbour that a farm out in Heffley Creek was having an open house.  Well an open barn actually.  Sheep.  Now who loves sheep?  Yup, Dylan adores sheep.  In fact he doesn't even refer to them as sheep- they are called Shauns. 

Why Shauns?  If you don't know, google Shaun the Sheep- and prepare to fall in love like Dylan did, like I did, like Dyl's daddy did... and on and on.

So we trekked out there, Dylan with one of his Shauns to go take a look....

Dylan so enjoyed going.  He made friends with the sheep, and even got so excited about the real sheep, that I found THIS on the floor of the barn......

Tsk tsk....

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