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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage find

So I know I've said before on this blog that since starting my photography business that I now love antique things.  Well, today I got an antique sewing desk !  It's the coolest thing.  It's my latest re-finishing project. 

 Now, before you say anything, 
YES, there is a long line of other projects awaiting my attention.  
But seriously, for the price of this beauty I couldn't pass it up. 
 And YES, my husband isn't so fond of all the "finds" I bring into the house and promise to refinish.  
But he always likes them once they are done.  He does appreciate that I'm interested in getting some unique character pieces in our home.  So, here it is.... 1936 Singer Sewing Cabinet that I paid $50 for....

Pretty Cool?????

I've asked a like minded soul who does all kinds of neat things on her blog if she can make some suggestions.  I'm dying to see if she has any ideas !!

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