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Sunday, March 13, 2011

If you're a crazy insomniac like me, you spend many nights awake when you know you should be sleeping- knowing you will pay for it in the morning when..........

This bright eyed bushy tailed little muffin wakes up at 6 am.  So here I am, Saturday night- W  I  D  E  awake.  Past 3 am.

I lay in bed thinking a million things... from the mundane (Mat makes some funny noises when he sleeps) to the petty (I wonder how long it will take for my bangs to grow out?) to the plain weird (too embarrassed to give this example)
I lay there planning out photo shoots that haven't been booked.  Thinking of places around town that I can shoot.  Thinking of great photo ops for July when the gardens are in full bloom.  Writing in my head my next two blogs.  Planning how I could re-arrange my living room.... on and on...

I decide to get up and stalk facebook.  Now I know that everyone does it- I won't name names but someone I know Kendra  is really bad for it.  Shout out to Kendra.  :)  Glad you are back from Mexico.  :)

So anyway, I decide to stalk people I used to go to school with.  So one name leads to another to another to another... you know how it goes.  Finally I get to a guy who wasn't in my year, someone I know "of" rather then "know". 

Take a big little peek around his page- he's a freakin surgeon... a large important organ surgeon.  WHAT?!?!  That goofball?  Next thought- how is someone MY age a surgeon.... then it dawns on me... oh wait... I'm 27 thirty-seven so it's possible.  Other realities of thirty seven hit me...

1) how come I still have zits ?  aren't they for teens?
2) should I really be watching and loving Jersey Shore at this age?
3) should I still be pulling pranks?
4) should I still laugh like crazy whenever someone falls?

Am I thirty seven or seventeen?  Blast from the past- feel free to laugh...
blast from the past, my 17 yr old self

And probably the question you   are asking yourself now... should I really blog in the middle of the night, with no sleep, on a time change weekend when I have a big day tomorrow? 
errr later today?

So I'm off to turn off the computer, and try to turn off my brain to sleep.

(ONE more post and I hit 100 !)

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