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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Citizenship Day

So as you may or may not know, up until today I was married to a non-Canadian.  A permanent resident in Canada, but still a British citizen.  Today, after a long lonnnnng drawn out process, Mat got his citizenship !  Yeah.  It actually wasn't something that made much of a difference to me, but to him it did.  He wanted his citizenship, and wanted to vote.  Which, as luck would have it will happen soon since our government is.....screwed up ! 

His citizenship ceremony was this morning.  47 other new Canadians from around the area got it today too.  Side note- the super friendly lady who works at Safeway got it, and she was so excited she didn't stop smiling.  Next time I'm in Safeway, I'm going to congratulate her.

So here are some shots of the ceremony.

view of the school gym.  the "lady" in the far chair on the right is very rude.  long story short- rude

after his oath

official documents ( dyl was very tired at this point)
official presentation

photo op- Dyl was tired, and a bit leery of the RCMP officer although he was super nice

 And after such a good day... there MUST be cake... and friends !

it says "congrats eh"

AND we had such a wonderful surprise this afternoon- our wonderful friend Tanya and her crew had decorated the front of the house in red and white fashion !  Streamers, balloons- lots of flags-- so cool !!!!  It got dark before we were able to get outside for a shot, so look for one this weekend.  Thanks Tanya, that was such a thoughtful, wonderful surprise !  xoxox

(special note- MY camera is in the shop, so I'm using the old dslr which I now hate and it doesn't take the quality of pics I'm used to, so pls excuse my photos !)

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