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Thursday, March 3, 2011

So as I said the other day, Dylan has been crazy for swimming... most weeks we are going two times a week- Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We joined swim lessons, but long story short, we withdrew because we were the only ones in the class.  So anyway, we just go and swim and practice on our own.  BUT, the last day of our swim lessons, we were in a hurry to get there, Dylan was dragging his feet and not cooperating.  I tried reasoning.  If you don't come and get dressed, we can't go swimming.  You want to go swimming right?? 

"No Mah-ee"

Pardon???  So I asked again... Would you like to go swimming Dylan??

"No Mah-ee"

Hmmmm..... outsmarted by a two year old.  Let's try again.

Well Mommy is going, so if you'd like to go with Mommy let's get dressed or you have to stay home alone.....  (I head for the stairs for added impact)

"Bye Mah-ee" 


Ok, Dylan, that's it... we are going....

So I wrestle him into clothes and off we go all frazzled and worse for wear.  I swear he was laughing when I put him in the backseat.

So we get to the pool- I battle the senior citizens who think that they have priority in the family change room even though it says RESERVED FOR PARENTS WITH CHILDREN.  Old blue haired ladies step in front of me for change rooms while Dyl and I strip down in the small hall visible to the general public entering the men's and women's change room.... (ok well not really)  but you see why I'm mad.

So anyway, we get a room, I get myself ready, and discover I forgot swim diapers... and have just the diaper on Dylan.... so the dilemma... Do I put him in his swim trunks with the regular diaper... or with nothing but swim trunks and risk a brown floaty popping out.....

What would you do????

Here's the WRONG choice... the wrong choice is to wear a regular diaper, because those babies swell up to 10 times their normal size and retain water making your child difficult to lift.  I swear, Dylan weighted a good 60 lbs !  Not only that, I keep tucking the diaper under his shorts and it keeps popping up.  So part way through the lesson, the wear and tear of me lifting him up and down with the 40lb diaper finally .... and embarrassingly shows me that I made THE WRONG DECISION !! 

The top of the diaper splits open.... tons of little tiny blue beads that are in the diaper to absorb water burst out and the instructor is horrified.  I'm horrified.  What do I say?  I tell her that DYLAN FORGOT HIS SWIM DIAPER.  Yup- blame the two year old.  haha... It just flew out of my mouth... then I tried to cover and said... well, actually it was me who forgot it.... (duh) and I didn't know this would happen. 

Embarrassing !!!

But what's more embarrassing is -- we got K I C K E D    O U T of the pool.  Yup.  We had to shamefully leave because his diaper could clog up the filters....

So we did the walk of shame....

Lesson to all.  Risk poop rather than the blue crystal diaper things.  OR better yet.  Spend the .50 cents to buy a swim diaper from the pool staff.

Fun times

Ya.... so for sure no photos of that... so here is another one to enjoy.

ps- Dylan had to go home with no Diaper... how do you think that turned out?  :)

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