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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Tidbits...


Daddy's back from being away a few days... Dyl was excited so I let him run out the front door down the driveway in his sock, shirt and diaper.  Hunter, our young neighbour saw him in the diaper and laughed... it was funny.

Dyl was up sick Tuesday night throwing up.. he woke up puking and puked all over his bed, all over me, my bed, everywhere.  He was so upset about puking, and just limp like a rag doll.  He laid in our bed beside me and would sleep for short periods of time, and then I'd hear a horrible noise in his tummy and his throat, and the puking would start again.  Must have been some yucky food.  And NO, I didn't cook it.

Every time we drive into the Walmart parking lot, Dylan says "No Walmart" over and over again... do you think we go there too much?

He's also now kissing owies.  He's not much on kissing for affection, so Mat and I have had lots of owie lips lately.  Today Mat said Dyl is going to catch on.  I agree... but until then, our lips and cheeks are really owie...haha

When we practice jumping into the pool I make him have eye contact with me and I say one, two, three jump.  He now stands on things, and says to me... "mah-ee, one, two two jump"  He's catching onto things so fast... so smart.  So cute.

Thursday morning he said to Mat... "No daddy work today"

He's a quirky little character, with a big personality....

Not sure what was going on here, besides the fact that I'm trying to get ready, he's put on a headband , is reclining in the sink, and wants was funny.....

(that was the day Mat's tooth brush ended up in the toilet- sorry bout that Mat.....we did tell you didn't we?? )