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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everything these days is Mommy this or Daddy that.  For example, Dylan and I were in Walmart the other day and passed a 15 yr old tattooed scary looking "boy"  He was about 6 feet, and had a little boy with him.  Dylan pointed to the 15 yr old and said " Daddy".  Any adult is a Daddy or a Mommy.  When you read books, the firemen, are Daddies.  If there are women firefighters, they are "Mommies"

So it only makes sense that the new edition to our house is a "Daddy" because of his size, and the fact that we have a smaller version too.

Meet "Daddy" Barney.  He's bigger than Dyl, sleeps in his bed, gets dragged around the house, and even goes in the car.  But I draw the line at taking "Daddy" Barney in stores.  People would laugh. 

Laugh. At. Me.

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