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Friday, March 18, 2011

I like to have things out around the house- plants, photos, a few nic nacks, but since Dylan has been mobile, it's all gone away.  Some people say leave it out and just teach them to not touch it- which is easier said than done.  In fact I disagree with it because when you do that you are constantly saying NO no NO no NO NO NO NO to your child, which increases their frustration when they have no words and makes them upset.  So I had decided i'd put my stuff away so my child didn't hear no as every second word of his life, and to decrease his frustration level over things he had no control over.

But I miss my stuff. 

I've since tried to bring things back- with little success.  I had Mat install a shelf up high in the living room where I can put some stuff.  I worked for weeks on a family picture wall with over 40 photos framed, and hey kept taking the pics off the hooks and throwing them... so the whole family wall came down.  :( 

I've always wanted a hutch for the kitchen.  I got a great deal on one, and of course- you know me, I intend on remodeling it.  But there are a million projects in line first, and it still looks good, so it's up, and I'm loving it.  (and thinking about putting doors on the bottom cabinet part??)

I was looking at it today and wondered why I like it so much.  I think it's because it's somewhere nice to show my stuff that Dylan isn't interested in.  And I love cooking, and funky kitchen stuff so it's awesome ! 

I now have two barn yard cookie jars, the first was the cow from my mom.  I guess now I'm officially collecting barn yard animal cookie jars that are funky.  (hint hint come Christmas time)
yes, he has some war wounds.... can you guess why?

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