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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ya know, it's just not fair... why is all the Dora stuff geared towards girls, and the Diego stuff for boys?  Dyl loves Dora, and could care less about Diego.  There have been so many times that he's seen a cute (girl) shirt with Dora and asked for it....<sigh>  We are a gender neutral family, and don't believe in sticking to stereotypes, but I can't buy him a pink girl's Dora shirt.  Just can't.

When we went underwear shopping, he wanted the Dora undies... but I think girl's panties for potty training is just wrong, and probably wouldn't fit right.

So a while back, Dylan spotted a Dora that he could have... and was smitten.


  1. I agree too, Dora is much cuter! hehe

    Stopping by from the give a way at LMM, just wanted to say thanks! <3

  2. Stopping by from LMM! Love your headbands! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  3. Stopping by from LMM! Super cute little bug you've got!

  4. Thank you for breaking the stereotypes! I know quite a few boys who love Dora!

    LMM sent me! I'll check back often.