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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 100th post- this post is brought to you by my favorite things !

Tied for #1...... My little Dyl and Mat....
We put him to bed tonight and read his favorite collection of stories.  He's become so interested in books- which is great since he has been such a physical active child.  He sleeps with a variety of stuffies, Thomas trains, and occasionally an over sized fire truck. (you've seen the pics in earlier blogs)

He says ni ni and love you when we leave, although the love you is more like ouahfiou.  Whatever !!  It counts !!

..... And he still calls me Mah-ee.... not Mommy... which is also a favorite thing.  I hope I'm Mah-ee forever.

Favorite thing- my {Ava Marie Creates} designs are on my FAV blog -to me, that's pretty cool !  She's fab- stop by and say HI ! 
(shout out to people from LMM-thanks for stopping by to peek into my life)
Favorite things #...... oops lost count... anyway.... photography.  I've got new pics up on my facebook page and at  I did a Colour Couture Cake Smash with a little sweetie today.    Cake Smash is a frequently done photo shoot at 1 yr... but my Colour Couture is all my idea.  Let's see if it bombs or takes off...

Either next favorite thing is snuggly babies, and this little cutie is one !

Costco- enough said- who DOESN'T love Costco??
(even Elmo loves Costco)

My next favorite thing is sleep- which I've had very little of because I've been sick- about 90 min Saturday night, and Sunday... well... I was in bed at 8:30, and it's now almost midnight...soo.....

And my favorite word of the day... Humility.  When you are wrong, say you are.  Take the advice and help of others who are true and genuine.

And finally... FUN!  Dylan and I are off to a play centre tomorrow morning....Yeah !!

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  1. what a cute post! so sweet. i hear you about costco. tho can't seem to spend less than a fortune every time we go there!

    LOVE your shop! so many cute things. the Ashley and the Nicole are my faves! i'm currently on a shopping fast for Lent, but will definitely check out your shop again after Easter :)

    visiting you from Little Miss Momma!