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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday our sweet little boy !

2 days shy of 3 yrs old
You are 36 months old today.  36 months doesn't seem like a long time, but three years sure does !

Mommy and Daddy love you more then anything.  

I love when I ask you "who is my best little guy" you say shyly "I"  

You have grown and developed and changed so much since we brought you home.  You are the best thing to happen to Mommy and Daddy ever !  We love to watch you do things, learn things and discover new things.  

We are so proud of you.  We love to hear you sing Christmas songs.  We love your silly little dances.  We love the bedtime kisses, and nose rubs, and ear rubs....

We are proud that you are a friendly outgoing boy.

We love you even when you stomp your foot, give us attitude and fight for your way.

We love to watch you play for hours and hours with cars and trucks.

Your little friends have become very important to you this year.  You can't get enough of hanging out with Milan, and playing in the cul-de-sac with Ethan.   You still think the sun rises and falls on the shoulders of your surrogate sister, and your best girl Rowan.  

This year you learnt to say the ABCs, to sing full songs, to count to 10.

You still love trains and kitties and fire fighters and police officers.  

You have become obsessed with hockey this year.  You sometimes reply that your name is Mikka Kipprosoff instead of saying Dylan.  You love Jarome Iginla and can identify many NHL teams by their jerseys.  You tell us that you want to play for the Flames, and only the Flames.  One day you told daddy that you "not want to play for Toronto Maple Leafs" .   You love to play hockey in the cul-de-sac with the boys, and in the house even when Mommy says no.  You got your first real hockey stick, hockey helmet and hockey gloves this year and wear them all the time.  You enjoy watching hockey with Daddy and love going to Blazers games.

You love your Digger stuffy, and still sleep with your beloved sleeping babies.  Some days there are more stuffies in your bed then we can count, including "daddy" Barney, but that's the way you like it.

You went to gymnastics often, and loved it.  Stella said you have natural physical ability.  As your mother and number one supporter I agree.  

You talk about your Grannie and Grandad and Grandma and Grandpa all the time- wishing you could spend more time with them.  

You are strong willed and smart, and a bit stubborn.  You are determined and focused.  You want your way, and know how to throw a mean tantrum when you feel it's required, which, thankfully isn't too often.  But even when you tantrum, we still love you no matter what.

You still have daddy's lips, and mommy's crooked bottom teeth and crazy cowlick.  You hate to nap and are pretty much done with it as we approach three.  You still cuddle with us, but on your own time.

You are better at indulging me with my photo shoots, and now even sometimes willingly participate.

You are everything to us, the most wonderful little boy we could ask for, and a joy to have.  I'm thankful to be an at home mommy with you and experience everything with you every day throughout your waking hours.

I will put in a request though Dylan for you to sleep in a bit longer.  5/5:30 is a bit early for Mommy.  :)

Happy Third Birthday our special little boy who thinks he's such a big boy and all grown up !

Love Mommy and Daddy.


  1. So sweet Tracy, beautiful words only a parent could truly understaVnd. Dylan is a great little boy with great parents