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Sunday, March 4, 2012


We had plans for our Sunday, that fell through at the last minute.  Our baby boo was upset about the change, so we hyped him up on the idea of an adventure walk looking for owls. 

 A photographer that Mat follows on twitter had taken some owl images and was super friendly and amazingly shared where to find them. We went for breakfast, and headed out for an adventure walk.  Dylan's first hike.  In total we probably walked for 2 hours, and our little trooper did great.  

We never found the owls, but we did trek through a lot of snow, mud, and sagebrush.  At one point the very snowy, icy hill going down was too steep for Dylan and I.  We had to make a decision.  Venture down and fear falling, or turn back.  Instead I sat on Mat's coat, Dylan between my legs and we slid down.  Totally fun !  Apologies to anyone who hikes that part after us, it's now like a bobsled track.

 Going down.... almost done.

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