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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dylan is full of stories and creativity lately.  There are a few "gems" I've been wanting to share.

"When I'm big and a fire man, i'm going to take my fire truck and go get a dog from the pet store and i'm going to name my dog Cutty"

"When I'm big and a fire man, I will need somebody to drive my truck to Edmonton because I don't know the way"

In talking about being a fire man, he was also surprised to know he can't take the big fire engine home with him at night.  He said he'd have to buy a truck like daddy's.  But blue.

He is currently saying he's going to be a fire man in Calgary and live with Grandma.

Out of the blue one day, he said "When I am a fire man and a daddy I will name my son Magnet"
It took about a day for me to figure this one out, because he kept telling me that Grannie would be happy that his son was named Magnet.
Finally I said.... Margaret?  Yes, Magnet.  I'm going to name my son Magnet.

He's started calling all babies Magnet- he laughs and thinks it's funny.  We've been in various restaurants/stores and will hear a baby make noise.  He always says, that's Magent.  He sarcastically asks how Magnet gets so many places, since the Magnet thing started in Vancouver.

He suddenly refers to "Moaney"  the fire guys have to go save Moaney.  Not sure where he got this name.

He is developing a sarcastic sense of humour.  (oh oh)  Having snack before bed one night, our little friend pointed to a cookie and asked what it is.  Now our little friend should know, he's 3 1/2, but didn't know.  Dylan told him it was a pizza.

There are many incidents of this sarcastic wit as of late.  I have noooo idea where he gets that from.


Ohhhh little Dyl.  

We are blessed with such a sweet little sassy soul.

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