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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I've neglected this blog over the past months, but have decided to get back to blogging to document our move.  Following a work transfer, we put our house up for sale,and miraculously sold it in decent time.  

It was sad to say goodbye to the friends Dylan and I made, some really good friends that we miss already.

Our Kamloops family, who are our next door neighbours hosted a going away open house for us.   It was more of an intimate affair rather than an open house unfortunately, but the positive side is it was opportunity to spend a bit of extra time with Donna and Kerrie before we left.  Your friendship has been an important source that helped us settle in Kamloops.  You four will always be special to us.  

Dylan and I had a final playdate with our besties on our last full day in Kamloops.   We will miss you guys more then you know, and it's very sad for me to think of not seeing you guys weekly and not seeing your kids grow up.  

As we've learnt when we moved from Calgary to Kamloops, and now from Kamloops to Edmonton,  friends often disengage as soon as they know you are leaving.  It's tough, but I guess it is what it is.

So off we went early Saturday January 26th 2013.  We loaded up our vehicles with kid, cats, last minute stuff and were waved out by Kerrie and the kids before the sun rose, which was nice, but sad.

It all began with a lot of boxes...

 Moving truck came on Thursday to take most of our stuff.  
 Dylan did NOT want to leave, he wanted to watch every moment of the move

 Oh house, I will miss you.  After all, this is where we brought our baby home to, and had the first four years of his life.
 Note, my beautiful chandelier in the dining room came with me
Was replaced with that $10 restore one.  
 Sadly Dylan missed his last day of school, and his playdate with Jessie because we thought he
 broke his foot and had doctor's and xray appointments.
Foot is ok.
One of the handsome mover guys
 Goodbye kitchen.  I regret doing you green,
But I do love that floor I installed.
 Where is our stuff???

 Early Saturday morning....

 Goodbye Kamloops.  Sorry we got off to a rocky start in the beginning. 
 Sorry for calling you Krap-loops.  
We did love you in the end.
 Goodbye house.
Mat says you were gonna be a money pit in the next few years
But I still loved you.

 And the kitties ask... where are we going?
Back to Alberta Max.  
Bit flat here eh?

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