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Friday, February 22, 2013

Nothing makes a move more official then purchasing a house !

Mat and I took a trip up to Edmonton on our own three weeks ago and found a house that we think will suit our family well.  We decided to live in Sherwood Park instead of Edmonton.  We thought the "small city" feel of it would hopefully mimic all of the things we liked about Kamloops.  It's close to Mat's work, and it's practically attached to Edmonton, so it seemed like a good option.  

We had our house inspection last week, and took the opportunity to be present for that, as well as bring Dylan along to introduce him to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and to give him a peek at his new house.  He had been to Edmonton when he was six months old, but we wanted to take him to get him excited about the move.  He's been adjusting well, but every so often asks about his friends in Kamloops, and twice has said he wants to go back.

The other day he told Grandma to move to Kamloops so he can go visit her, and visit his friend Sean, so clearly, he is missing Kamloops and his friends, but is still excited about the move.

I managed to secure a spot for a preschool for him for April- June, and then again starting in September.

He gave the thumbs up on the house, and picked his room.

Then it was off to the mall, to show him all the fun that can be had there.
When I say "THE MALL"  of course I mean West Edmonton Mall.
(click the link)

Here are some photos from the marine life area.

 Clapping along ?!?!?!? Whatttt, he never does that !!!  

 The Sea Lion demonstrating how they swim quickly in a way that makes them look like Dolphins to avoid Sharks.  Pretty cool.
 Up and down...

 And demonstrating how they leap off of sea cliffs.....

In the sea life caverns.  Thank your random boy for pointing out the penguin.
 And at the end of the day....
we had one tired little boy, who was clutching his new penguin for dear life.

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  1. love this! from your neighbours in Kamloops Kerrie, Rowan, and Joey