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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello friends !  We've been busy as of late.  

Today will be a happy post.  A sad one will follow in a few days.

After loving our tenant's dog Oakley when we were in Kamloops- I desperatly wanted a dog.
I sort of got over it a bit, but Dylan caught dog fever, and while in Kamloops, we told him we'd consider getting one when we moved.
And we've now moved.

We had sort of decided not to get one, but a trip to Petcetra , where they had rescue dogs changed that.
We fell in love with her little puppy face, and adopted her.

Introducing Rosie.

8 weeks.

Full of puppy spunk.

This is her and her litter mates - they were all found abandoned near a river in the cold.

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