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Thursday, September 1, 2011

As if the day before we left for Calgary wasn't busy enough, Dylan asked if we could go to music in the park. Every night down at riverside park a band plays- it's really very good.  He plays at the park a bit, sometimes goes to the water park, and then we finish over on the grass to watch the band for a bit before we head home for bed.  We've done it a few times this summer, and it's a really nice evening.

So tonight on the park... our little man was having so much fun.

 The music started, 80s rock.

Think KISS "I wanna rock and roll all night"
and Bon Jovi...

Well, the little man started to rock out !

Drumming like crazy !  
How adorable is that ???

Crazy fast drumming hands !!!!

I LOVE it !!!!

We are so blessed with our little boy.

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