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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


When I first started offering photography sessions, I started to collect vintage stuff as cool props for photo shoots.  While doing this, I learnt that I really do like cool vintage stuff, and so now I've got a bit of a collection going.....

My "vintage" bread bin... which says Bread and Cake and actually says 
"made in china" 
on the bottom, but it looks vintage, and it holds lots of stuff...

 My vintage side table, that really needs to be painted another colour, with my cool suitcase that is a tribute to my husbands heritage on top.
(i didn't realize until seeing this that everything here looks like such a mess- I thought it was eclectic cool- I thought wrong)

My awesome retro high chair that I need to decide what to do with, and make the necessary repairs.  But don't you just love it?  

Ohhh my latest etsy purchase, a cool old camera that I WILL use in a photo shoot when I can.

The cool scale and retro box that I have actually used in photo shoots and also use in my kitchen as displays.
(we are going away, that's why we have no fruit and that lone banana looks all sad and brown)

My really super cool super old scale which I LOVE.  Found it in Lilloette and think it's just so neat.  Have not yet used it, but my fake fruit sits nicely there.

My lovely 50s style chair that is beautiful but catches so much cat hair.

My funky chair that is old, but not sure how old- I have used it in photo shoots.

And finally, and embarrassingly... this railcar trunk that I bought was in poor shape, I've attempted to strip it, and it's just not working out.  So it's sitting in the bedroom and collecting junk.  I had aspirations of restoring it, but the paint job someone else did on it has made that impossible.  It's great storage- and I want to get it looking better !
(proceed with the gasps that it's so messy)

So there is a tour of some of my vintage stuff, and probably a bit of a preview of some projects that might be popping up on here soon....

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