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Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I'd never do in Calgary but would in Kamloops

Dylan and I have had many busy weeks lately.
Good busy, but busy.
I've been working two afternoons a week- sometimes three.
Meeting up with friends, a walking group, a few relief/respite foster kids have been in our care, photography work, so for the first time in a long while, it seems like
I'm pulled in many directions.
But it's good.

Tonight I was telling Mat what Dyl and I are up to this week when it occurred to me how life is different in Kamloops then if we were in Calgary.

How so?

Well, I just joined a local green and garden group on facebook.

Someone offered free green beans.
Anyone who knows me knows I like to can, and i like beans, so I messaged her.

Example #1 of things I'd never do in Calgary but would in Kamloops
I went to her house
let myself into her backyard
and picked her beans.

And what are we doing on Monday?

Example # 2  of things I'd never do in Calgary but would in Kamloops
I'm going to some random acreage of someone I don't know... with another person, that I don't know to pick free apricots.

More examples?

Example # 3  of things I'd never do in Calgary but would in Kamloops
Last year on the advice of someone ELSE that I don't know, I went to an address and picked apricots from a tree.  I then made friends with a lady that lived next door to that house, and went to her backyard for more apricots.
I then gave her my # so she could call me to come get apples when they are ready.

Example # 4  of things I'd never do in Calgary but would in Kamloops
Almost a year ago now, Dylan and I were kind of short on play friends, and all of a sudden someone posted on facebook that they lived in our area, and were getting a bunch of moms and kids together.
I said it sounded cool.
Then I got an email.
Did I want to come to someone strangers house, with my young child?
HELL YA- of course I do.
So off we went.
Sounds stupid, but turned out that I met some really great people, and we still hang out.

So, living in a smaller city allows me to do things I wouldn't normally do.
And actually, in big cities like Calgary- you wouldn't get these offers either.
Am I saying I like living in a small city of 100,000 people where everyone seems to know everyone?
No, I don't love it.
But I don't hate it like I used to.

Gotta love friends.
and good free fruit.

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  1. I know Saskatoon is not a big city like Calgary, but I do those things here too. It's weird, but I think part of it is what happens after being a mom. You need new friends with kids the same age as yours. :)