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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

you are loved... even when you are naughty

We are pretty lucky with Dylan, for the most part he's a pretty good kid.

Few tantrums here and there.
Seems to be learning to "touch nice"
Listens a decent percentage of time.

Reads his manners books

But occassionally there is need for the time out chair.

In my last post I showed you the blah-before

AND... 9 months later... ta-da !

I've had my eye on the "you are loved" saying for a while.
and frankly, I love it.
I thought it was fitting here.

Because it's a positive message for him to see as he goes fighting and screaming mad to his time out chair.

And because I have humour... here's what the chair seat says....

and because I have even more humour.... I distressed the chair.... how ironic hey?

Have a good weekend !

ps for my American friends- I didn't make a spelling mistake... us Canadians spell it behavioUr
same with humoUr.


  1. That is awesome! Where did you get that amazing chair!

  2. I love it Tracy. The "Naughty Chair" with positive reinforcement. Great job!

  3. awww thx ladies ! I got the chair at Micheal's craft store ages ago (with a 40% off coupon of course) haha

  4. So cute! Saw you on HOH link party :-)

  5. LOL! Thanks for the spelling clarification! :) Cute chair...hopefully you won't need to use it much! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  6. Aw, thats so cute! I love the colours. How fun for him to look at it when he's older and think what a naughty boy he was sometimes!

  7. Great chair and sweet and MEANINGFUL message :D

    Visiting from Cherished Treasure Sunday Blog Love Linky Party,

    ~Suzanne in Illinois

  8. Love the message of love on a time out chair! Wish my kid would stay in a time out chair! :) This turned out great! :)

  9. How darling!! ;) Would love for you to enter both of my linky parties going on right is a fun photo linky party (and it looks like you are an awesome photographer!) and the other is a brand new turquoise lovin' party!! Hope you can stop over!! ;)

  10. I saw this on House of Hepworth's linky party, I love the fun colors, what a great idea!!

    Tiffany, I blog ovr at