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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fly by the seat of my pants Friday

So I totally had NOTHING planned for Friday's blog.
But I'm up late Thursday night after reality TV bliss.

Big Brother
new season of
Jersey Shore.

LOVES IT !!!!!

stupid Shaw cable 
(oh ya, I'm publicly naming you) 
has been acting up
well to be honest, 
at the worst times.
So I missed a valuable part of BB.
So as soon as Jersey Shore ended, and Mat's snoring began 
I came down to check who is the new HOH on BB.
(still with me??)

discovered, no Friday blog post.
Think Fast.
Make Something up.

And thus 
Fly by the seat of my pants Friday is created.

Dylan and Rowan playing on the Wii- dancing to Micheal Jackson.
Rowan did well.
Dyl had no idea what to do.
So he copied Rowan.
And held the controller that doesn't work.

Happy Friday.

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