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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dylan has been repeating a phrase  that he learnt from a neighbourhood friend his own age.  It keeps popping up in different situations.

"I win"

and I, 
his Mother,
HATE IT !!!!

It drives me bonkers !
I just think it's rude and unsportsmanlike.
Dylan uses the phrase correctly.
But I hate it.
Like HATE IT !
Ever notice that as a parent, when you hate something
and the toddler knows it...
they don't stop?


  1. Uh, yup!! My least favorite of Julie's phrases "Excuse me, I [burped/farted]" She used to just say "Excuse me" but her 5 year old cousin taught her the add-on. Ugh!!!

  2. hahaha, that's funny ! Dylan will fake burp, and then laugh.. he follows it up with Excuse Me... which he thinks makes it ok.