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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whenever we go to my mom's Dylan, and the other grandchildren for that matter want to play with the weebles treehouse.
It's as old as I am 
(watch the rude comments people !)
but they love it.

For Christmas my mom bought little D one.
But it was a bit of a bust.
It was too electronic.
Didn't really let them play.
So it's kinda just sat there.

the other day I picked up a slightly older version of the one he got for Christmas and he 

I know my mom was looking for one that was less electronic then the current model that was for sale- and this new to us one fits the bill !
I couldn't pass it up even though we already had one.
I had to get it for nostalgia reasons, and because it's the kind my mom had intended on him having.
So he has it.
And when we combine it with the electronic one, the electronic one is more fun now !
So it's win-win.

Slight adaptations and more free play option ones make this one better !!!  

ps. I paid $4.99 for this one.

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