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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last 7 weeks re-cap

We were in Calgary......

I did some photo shoots that were awesome !  The boudoir marathon was my favorite !  I'm always surprised that I enjoy that style of photography so much, but I really do !

Dylan played with his cousins and tried to hug and kiss and cuddle them- sometimes successfully, sometimes not. 

He's become such a huggy little guy. 
When he was little he wasn't affectionate.

We persisted.
We hugged.
He fought.
We kissed.
He pulled away.
We cuddled.
He ewwed.

We finally broke him !  (haha) He's given in and become such a huggy lovely little guy- it's awesome.

 He spent lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa.
(why he more helpful in their kitchen,
and more destructive in my kitchen?)

Mmmmmm Peanut Butter Lid

 Kendra visited... we did what we do best- watched trashy TV- this time on the computer. 
<disaster date !>

(who took this pic by the way?  I don't remember it being taken)

Diego "graced" my parents with his presence.  I don't think my mom felt too graced when he licked her freshly made pan of rice krispie squares.

Whoops !

When we came home I don't think Sasha felt "graced" by his presence either.... can we say battle for dominance?
Break out the vacuum, cuz the fur really flew !!

....... to be continued tomorrow.

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