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Friday, June 17, 2011


Mat and I had never been to Whistler, but had always wanted to go because we generally love anywhere in the mountains.

Mat's parents hadn't been either, so on the May long weekend (this will become important later) we took a trip there.
 The weather was great the first day, and iffy the others.  We still got outside and walked and walked... and walked.  Dylan must have walked a good 5 km the second day- and never complained once.  In fact loved it.  Guess the walking gene does get passed down.(we know who to thank for that)

 I had intended on bringing my book and sitting on a chair here for some peaceful reading/people watching- but the weather didn't cooperate.

We saw two bears around town.  Before we left Mat was thinking of ways for us to move to Whistler...
Never know....anyone have jobs for us?

It is a beautiful place.

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