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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Next week I'll be blogging about Grannie and Grandad's visit. 

Including our trip to Whistler.

today something else has come up.

Dylan has been sick for the last 3 days-
he woke up with a barking cough that hasn't gone away. 
Sometimes he coughs so hard he throws up. 
He's sleeping with me, and waking every hour. 
He's fighting Tylenol. 
He won't let me take his temperature
although I'm sure he's had a fever on and off. 
During the day he's
easily cries. 

I think the illness
the combination
 of the house being so quiet
is a bit much for him this week.

He's randomly asks about Grannie and Grandad. 
He refers to Grannie's spot in the car,
and asked me to draw Grandad today. 
I asked him if he wanted soup today-
he said for Grannie too?
We went to Walmart last night,
he asked if Grannie could come too.

It was similar when we left Calgary. 
 He said he didn't want to go home,
he wanted to stay at Grandma's house. 
When we asked him if he'd like to go to gymnastics
 (which he loves)
he said "no, Grandma's house"

He's lonely. 

He wants me to play with him every second of the day. 
He cries if I'm doing something and and can't come. 
 He says "please mommy play,play, play" 
Like he's begging. 

Because he's older, this transition from leaving both sets of Grandparents is much harder. 
He has the capacity to understand now what is happening, but it also makes it harder.

Poor little boo.
Makes me sad that he's so lonely.

We've completed our foster parent assessment and are approved.  I think having a foster child will be good for Dylan. 
But I do wonder, especially in light of this week, how will he adjust if/when the child leaves?


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