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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When I was a kid, I can barely remember anyone staying at our house.  If they did, where did they sleep?  Not a clue.  Family from Medicine Hat must have stayed at our house- only I don't remember.

Because Mat and I live in a city where we have NO family, we have people stay with us regularly.  In the time we've lived in this house, the "guest" bedroom has changed location three times.  After having Mat's parents here for a month, it got me thinking...what kind of hosts are we?

I always wonder, were they warm enough?  Did they have enough to eat at supper?  Did they feel comfortable to help themselves if they were hungry?  Did they think my bathroom was dirty?  Did they notice that I don't sweep my floors enough?  Did they notice that sometimes the litter is really really stinky?  Did they get stuck watching crap they would never watch on tv at night?  Did we do enough things?  Did we sit around the house too much?  Did we go out too much and spend too much money on "stuff"  (lunches, dinners, activities, etc)  Did we take advantage of a guest's generosity?  And in general, did they feel WELCOME in our home.

Some of those things matter a lot, and some don't.  (sorry bout the cat litter, we really can't do much more- it's the curse of three cats)  We don't send out comment cards, we don't give frequent lodging coupons or discounts, and most people are too kind to say that you or your place sucks.... so how do you really know?

Maybe I do need comment cards.... Dear: Guest- thank you for staying at Ziebart-Cook enterprises, please complete this quick survey and in return you will be rewarded with.....

Endless kisses from this face.

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