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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

morphing into a big boy

I've been editing photos on photoshop and re-organizing photos now that I have an external hard drive to store all my photos on. 
This was one in a series of shots I took of Dylan.

He's so photogenic- he's so cute ( I know I'm bias)
He'll be 2 1/2 years old at the end of June.
We are heading towards 3.
How can that be?
T-H-R-E-E ?
Hold on
Let me do the math...

If that's not startling enough, this picture, of our beautiful baby boy is.  When I see it I feel like I'm looking years and years into the future. 
Into a time when he goes to school.
When he picks his friends.
When he won't hold my hand anymore.
When he goes out to play- without me.
When he doesn't mispronounce words.
When he doesn't call me "mah-ee".
When we actually miss changing diapers.
When we miss little boy snuggles.
When he doesn't cry little boy tears.
When he knows more about science than I do.
When he doesn't think the world revolves around our little family.
When he is really a BIG boy.

This picture is almost like a computer composite of what he's going to look like in years time. 
It's wonderful, weird, beautiful, and kinda sad.

Our little boy is really growing up.
(insert squeaky voice that instructs you he is a BIG boy !)

And the next picture in the sequence.... back to looking like our little boy.  Weird.

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