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Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the same vein as my last post- I convinced Mat that we should go to the stampede on kid's day.
It's free if you get there before 9 am, and bring your kid, or a kid you are able to borrow.  Luckily for us- we have a child.
Score !!!

Through the gate no problem !
Hardly a line?

Free breakfast- no line !

 It started to spit a bit of rain.... not a biggie, we have the stroller cover....

 Made friends with some animals.....
I personally LOVE horse noses....

And then... 
the sky turned
an awful shade of

And the sky opened up and poured and poured and poured....
as I waited in line outside
for tickets to the superdogs.
Mat bought us cheapy ponchos that look like garbage bags.
And we stood in the line.  
Getting soaked.

There are no photos- too stressed, drenched and worried about my camera.
But in the end, we did do some fun things...

We walked and walked and

 We rested our newly pedicured feet.

And we took our tired boy home after lunch.

Mat and I returned later in the evening for some adult fun.

Mmmm... Poutine.

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