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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While in Calgary, our nephew's 6th birthday was held at the Cranston community waterpark.
Great facility, but you have to be part of the community association to use it- which kinda sucks.
Because the party was there, they let those of us who don't posses the golden key in too.
(even the riff-raff get in sometimes)

Dylan LOVED it.

It's a great area for kids.

Dylan adores water... he has no fear....

water directly in the face results in....


They had a really cool pinata !

Dylan thought it was pretty neat... although at first I don't think he believed us that he could use a hockey stick to wack it.
Normally wacking things with a hockey stick is a big NO
and results in him getting in trouble.

Yummy birthday cupcakes....

And some rest with Daddy after lots of fun, food and water adventures.

Probably the best/most fun birthday party we've been to.

** special note**

You might be thinking, wow- Tracy is really self absorbed and fixated on her son- where are the pics of the birthday boy and of the other kids??

Well yes, I am fixated on Dylan- thanks for pointing that out...haha


there are no pics of others for two reasons:

1) others have declined permission to allow me to share photos which I respect
2) I didn't ask others if I could use their pics, so I will not post them without permission.


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