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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We celebrated Dylan's half birthday without a lot of fan fair this year.  It's been a tradition in our house to celebrate half birthdays for Dyl since he's born just after Christmas   

Everyone knows Dylan L O V E S  sushi.
So this year I made candy sushi, and it was a hit.
We took it over to a friend's house and had a lovely dinner.
Followed by naked sprinkler running.
By the two year olds.
They ran in the sprinkler in all their glory... fell in the sand/dirt, and then climbed up the climber and slid down the slide- all in the buff.
It was so cute, so fun, and just really a good example of creating good childhood memories.
The mom of the other nuddie said the same thing.  
Good childhood memories.

The dirt washed off,
the redness from the slide on Dyl's tushie faded
but we hope the memories won't...

Great times.

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