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Monday, July 25, 2011

We've lived in Kamloops for almost 4 years now.  Anyone who knows me knows that although I wanted to come here, I wasn't quite prepared for what I got, things didn't exactly work out the way I thought/hoped, and I was pretty miserable here.  Well, I should say, I was happy for 6ish months, we bought a house, things fell apart, and I hated it and wanted to move.  BUT the economy was crap, the recession meant we were stuck with a house that we couldn't sell for enough, and Mat had found a job he was learning lots at and really liking.  So I just basically sucked it up, was miserable in "Krap-loops" and was waiting for the time we could move.

Well, long story short, about 8 months ago I was able to shift some of my thinking, and other things have sort of materialized, to allow me to settle here a bit.  So although I still don't love Kamloops, there are some things here that work and have helped me settle.  Well, settle for now.

One of those things is crafting.  Since my shift into settling here a bit, I've started to make the house more of a home with unique character pieces.  It makes me happy to re-purpose things, to make things pretty, and contribute positively to our home environment.  So take a look at my before....a lovely retro buffet that my neighbours passed on....

And my after....

Yes it was a shiny wood...but bonding primer, and a mouse sander are a girl's best friends !!

Ignore the glare, it was a quick photo- but it's a grey/blue that sits in my dining room !  I love the purple/grey damask.  I'm pleased with it... thoughts ??



  1. I know ALL too well about being stuck in a crap-town! It really does help being able to make your home your own!! I love these retro-style buffets! Love what you did with it - it looks great!

  2. Thanks Katie !

    It sure does make a difference !! Thanks for reading and commenting !