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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The little man started soccer right before our holiday started.  He hadn't been feeling well, and so he was a bit off.  It also didn't help that another child shouted at him- got right in his face and yelled when Dylan went near the net.

Other child's "wonderful attentive" father was busy on his cell phone- too busy or too oblivious to address the issue.
Thanks dad of the year, appreciate that.
I did hear him later explaining on his phone that his son was acting like a typical only child, not listening, being egocentric and rude.  I take offense to that- Dyl is an only child- and that other child's behaviour is a function of his upbringing- NOT his status as a single child. was really neat to see Dylan participate.

 I did decide however that Dyl will NOT be attending play school in September.  I had been tossing it around, but have decided that I'm not ready to send him anywhere without me.  He's still a little guy.  He's just 2 1/2.

I did also learn that as much as I love seeing him participate in activities- I have a major issue letting the control of the situation go. I want to make sure he's protected.  I want to make sure people speak to him in a way that I approve of.
I want to be there to address any issues right away.
Now I know what you're thinking... over protective mother.
BUT, I'm also a social worker with lots of kid experience and know what big bad things can come his way, AND know the life long potential ramifications of them.
It will get easier once he's older.
I'll be able to let go a bit.
But not just yet.

For now he still needs us.
But this half of the "us" won't be able to be there.
Mat and Dylan will be going to soccer without me.
I'll be working Wednesday nights, so they are on their own, which is fine.  No worries there.
But I can't see everything that's happening.
And for a mommy who is rarely not with her boy, that's hard.

But I'm also really proud of my little big man.
He's a sweet sweet boy who is turning into a wonderful little guy.

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