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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Countdown

We were in walmart one day a few weeks ago and Mat wanted to get an advent calendar for Dylan to count down the days to Christmas.  I wasn't really keen on those cardboard cheapy ones, so I said, I'll make one.  Not having any idea how, what type or anything.  Well now that I'm a blogger, I'm also an active blog reader.  I think I subscribe to almost 70 of them, mostly craft related.  Someone posted a calender she had made that was inspired by a pottery barn one.  I thought it was pretty neat, and thought, hey, I can do that without sewing.  It's 5ish feet tall, and made of felt. Each pocket holds a special treat for our little man.  Some of the pockets are not yet decorated, I thought I'd keep decorating them with special things as the years go on.  They are also missing numbers, but only because I'm still looking for neat affordable ones.  So anyway, here's a look at it.  The countdown begins !!!

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