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Monday, December 6, 2010

Late Monday Night posting

It's late Monday night, and I'm posting (as the title might have clued you in to)  haha.  Dyl and I had a busy day of doing nothing.  He's just gone to bed.  In his B I G     B O Y      B E D !!!  Few months ago I was ready to move him to his big bed- asap, then I read an article that said one of the biggest sleep mistakes parents make is moving a child too quickly.  It recommended moving around age 3.  So armed with this new info, I'd planned on keeping him in his crib until then, or until I had no choice but to move him.  Well, he's 23 months, and a few days, and we had no choice but to move him. 

He went for his afternoon nap on Sunday, was fussy, making a bit of noise, and so we just left him to it.  Suddenly BOOM, followed by a loud cry.  I went in right away, he was on the ground, obviously he had fallen out.  Poor boo.

So in came the big boy bed last night and he did well.  Afternoon nap today- great.  He's now in it for the evening.  He LOVES it.  When he woke up this afternoon I went in and he was sitting there waiting for me.  Now the bed is only inches off the ground, but he didn't get up.  So I said right away, "you may get off your bed Dylan" and he did.  haha  He waited for my permission!  Cool !!

So we'll keep you posted on his progress.  But this is a HUGE milestone for him, and for us.  He REALLY isn't a little guy anymore.  Sad. 

(he refused to pose laying down- best I could get)

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