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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Christmas Visitor

I just had to share this, because it's the neatest, coolest thing I've seen in a LONG time.  I'm going to get started getting my stuff together for our arrival of Petey next year for his "Christmas mission".  Can't wait to see what Dylan thinks of this... 12 months from now.  Taken from one of my favorite blogs.... you MUST check it out.  See her post copied here on mine, and this is the direct link to the blog-

Last night, right before dinner, there came a small knock at our front door. After coaxing our three year old to open the door to see whom it might be, we had the opportunity to meet...

Peter J. Tinslesparkle - The Christmas Elf.
He arrived with a note and a suitcase.
The note was addressed to the boys. It introduced "Petey", and stated his holiday mission.
He obviously didn't travel via airplane. I doubt any airline would have allowed a wreath hanging on the outside of a piece of luggage
His suitcase even had a luggage tag with his monogram and address.
The boys were curious, so Petey was kind enough to share with them the contents of his suitcase.
He brought his own pillow, a candle for being able to see as he wonders about the house during the night, an alarm clock, and a hot water bottle. I guess he must have a bad back.
He brought necessary toiletry items - towel and washcloth, comb, hairdryer, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Yet, no change of clothing?
He's obviously still a kid at heart, because in order to entertain himself (when he's not on duty) he brought a toy car, a book for reading, and a coloring book and crayons.
In case he gets hungry, he brought his own snack - graham crackers. He also came with his own drinking mug.
Most importantly, he has his surveillance items - a special phone on which he can directly get a hold of Santa Claus, a camera for recording good and bad behavior, and a pencil for taking notes. Luke told him we would lend him paper if he needed it. I love the fact that the North Pole is still Old School - no laptop or cell phone. Gotta love tradition.
He also brought a basket and a set of keys. Not sure what they are for, maybe their use and meaning will be revealed soon.
Now just to give you an idea of scale.

Petey's already been hard at work. He situated himself on a shelf in the boys room last night, and today he is on top of the TV. Luke knows he's there, and his behavior seems to be shifting to the good. Hopefully, for the time that Petey is staying with us, his work will be easy.

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