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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Exchange

We hosted a cookie exchange Sunday afternoon, and besides getting lots of yummy treats, we had lots of good conversation, and lots of fun !  I really enjoyed it.  We had a handful of awesome kids come to play !  

Dylan had his fair share of treats at the exchange, and so we ordered pizza after everything was done.  I couldn't believe after all that food, that he was still hungry !  But he was.  And he now refuses to have his pizza cut up.  He's almost 2, and he's a big boy.

Having said that, this is the second night that the big boy has slept in our little (queen sized) bed.  He's just not settling in his bed, and our solution- just for now is sharing our bed.  But i'm not too keen to keep this going.  Although I do have to say, it's nice to hear his soft gentle snore.  Unfortunately last night it was followed by a knee to my back.  Thanks Dyl.  


  1. Knee in the back for you, suckies shoved in my mouth and eye!

  2. awww I got all excited that someone commented... and it's just my husband....see, we have to talk here since we can't talk at night due to Dylan in the bed...