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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Hello ! sorry I didn't blog on Friday.  Was I busy?  Not overly?  Did I have nothing to talk about?  No, I always have something to talk about... truth be told...I was laying low.  Keeping my nose clean.  Staying on the down low.  Flying under the radar, avoiding the fuzz.  Yup.  It's true.

Friday afternoon Dylan and I went to the loonie store to get just two things.  Supposed to be in and out quickly because it was almost his bed time.  I went down to the craft area to get glue sticks.  Put them on the stroller, and continued on.  Two packages.  $1.00 each.  Well, one thing led to another, Dylan saw buses, and cars and hats and we were in there for a while.  He had a handful of things while sitting in the stroller, and I had difficulty pushing the stroller because my hands were full too.  I picked the line with the friendly emo on the till.  He's always so friendly and seems like he cares how your day really is.  So chit chatting with my new 17 yr old emo friend, my total is just over $20.00 pay, go to the car, load up tired baby and bags and return to the back of the car where the stroller is to put it in the back.  And there it stash of glue sticks.  I'd just stolen two bags of glue sticks because I wasn't paying attention. 

 I load up the stroller as quickly as I can.... duck behind the car, in case they are setting up a stake out, and crawl on my belly to my side of the car to get in.  Like bat man I quickly bound in, start the batmobile, and put it into reverse and peel out of the parking lot !  With a crazy laugh I head down tranquille, right past the police station, just to flaunt that I stole and am not scared of them.... well, ok, it didn't exactly happen that way...

In fact I couldn't believe I'd forgotten the glue sticks, but everything was loaded up, and Dyl was tired, and so we just left.  I felt like Wynonna Ryder, the woman who bought thousands of dollars of clothes and stole an earring.  So yup, I'm a theif.

To complicate the matter, when we got home on Saturday, there was-- I swear this is the truth-- there was a call on the machine from the police-- FOR ME !!  Seriously !!

But it was about an impaired driver I had reported last week, not about arrangements for my arrest.

Soooooo now that I'm already a fugitive, I'm planning with a friend to do something else illegal.  We are headed to Padova Sanatorium on Tuesday.  The signs say no trespassing, the internet says it's haunted, I say i'm above the law and we are going anyway !!!  :)  heheh  Search it online, it's really interesting

Sooooooooo if you don't hear from me by Tuesday night, would you please just give Mat a call and see if he has enough money for my bail.  I know it's close to Christmas, money is tight, but do you really want me sitting in jail over the holidays?

Talk to you all later

Tracy xoxox

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