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Monday, January 24, 2011

all about me...

So I just finished getting reprimanded (kinda) by Mat for the way I was dealing with our delinquent renter.  He often says to me that I'm hot-headed, that I don't think before I talk, that I act with too much emotion, that I should watch what I say, that I should be nicer, even if others don't treat me that way, and that I shouldn't  B U R N  B R I D G E S   I do have to admit, that I've followed what I thought I should do many times- stood up for myself, told people off, or told them how I felt and wondered, will I regret burning that bridge?    So today, after Mat and I disagreed about how to approach the above mentioned situation, I disagreed with him, and decided to say what I want anyway, without worrying about the consequences.  So I said it.  And I'm glad I did because it needed to be said.  She needed to hear it, and I needed to say it so that I DIDN'T ALLOW this situation to consume me or make me feel like I didn't have my fair say.  So I've had my fair say.  I've said what I wanted to.  Whether the other person takes responsibility for it or not, I've done my part and I'm happy with myself.  Sometimes we don't say things we really should for fear of burning those bridges. 

It's funny how life works.  After I decided to handle it the way I wanted to, I was surfing blogs, and came upon this quote, which I think was sent to me, special delivery.... I love it.

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