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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WARNING- i'm using BROWN font again..

This is the second post that I'm starting with " Mat said"  Ok, so Mat said "no one wants to see that picture"  Maybe he's right, but I'm all about keeping it real.  SO if you have a weak stomach, turn away, don't look.

And if you understand the humour and fun in poop... read on.

Last week I went in to get Dylan up from his nap.  Before he'd had his nap he was a crabby little boo bear.  Complaining all morning, and just not his regular happy self.  When I put him down, he went right to sleep.  I heard him wake up, went into the dark room to be greeted by a big smile (yeah I thought !!!) I walked further into the dark room, closer to his bed.... and what do I see????

Oh yes, he's happy .... help me out with that saying... happy as a pig in...... 

OHHHH yes..... happy happy.  He'd smeared it...all over.  HIS FACE.  HIS HANDS.  HIS LEGS.  My oh my !!!!!   So he ended up in the bath  and was soon back to his normal handsome, clean self.

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