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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How do you spell sucker?

sucker in our house is spelt -M-O-M-M-Y-

Let me explain.  As you know, our neighbour's little girl has been staying with us.  We've been over to her house to play, to get more clothes etc.  Dylan has been fascinated with their fish tank.  And the one single solitary fish that lives there.  He's a bottom feeder (the fish, not Dylan), so Dylan looks for him, finds him, and says "fish-hide"  We say yes Dylan, the fishy is hiding.  So cute.

Well Rowan has gone back home, her dad is with her, and we are cut off from the fish.  Dylan is not happy.  He asks multiple times a day, everyday.

So fast forward to Friday night- I worked the evening and decided to go grocery shopping after work.  I ended up at Wal-Mart, headed towards the back of the store, found myself in the pet isle, in the fish supply section, debating for 30+ minutes over which tank to get.  By the time I got home, I had a fish tank and no groceries.   (oops)

So this morning, Dylan woke up to the tank.  Just a tank.  He kept saying "fish hide".  haha

We went out Saturday morning, and he met a very nice grandfather type name Doug at petland who commended Dylan on his interest in fish, and helped us pick one.  Dylan picked the red Siamese fighting fish.  Doug asked Dylan what he was going to name his fish- duh- he'll be called fish, of course.  (jeesh Doug)  With a high five for Doug, we headed home.  ( I told Mat not to high five Doug but he was really excited)

So "fish" is home in his aquarium, Dylan loves fish, keeps talking to him, watching him, and telling us about fish.

When Kerrie (our neighbour who has the fish that first turned Dylan on to fish) gets home from her tropical trip, I'm sending her my bill for the tank, the fish, the accessories, the fish house, aquarium plants.... on and on....  haha Just kidding. 

(check your mailbox Kerrie)  :)

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